Boxing for Refuge: Fight night photos

I decorated my fight night blog with photos that were taken mostly by my friends because they were uploaded and accessible fairly quickly.

Now, I’ve finally got a chance to see the professional photos taken on the night and I love them!

Looking back over the pictures of me, I do not regret my shorts any less. But, far more importantly, I’m quite happy with my general stance and posture given I know there are some things I need to improve on that were probably only exacerbated by the tension of the night.

Some of the pictures of the fights look really incredible. I got a much clearer sense of how fierce some of the bouts were seeing the photos up close than I had watching from the sidelines. I can’t describe enough how much I love the post-fight photos of all of us just falling into our opponents’ arms and hugging it all out.

I think those are the pictures, more than any, that really highlight what it’s all about for our group. We really became close over the course of the ten weeks and I know I’ve met some women who are inspiring as anything. I’m so proud of all of us and I love seeing that sense of support and community in a photo taken five seconds after we were punching the hell out of each other.

Here, I’ve compiled all the pictures with me in them because I’d like to have them all in one place I can find quickly and easily. They were uploaded in an album on the Industry Boxing Facebook page with well over 600 photos in, so it is a bit of an effort to trawl through. (It took me nearly two hours to get through all of them, although my horrendous broadband must have been at least partially to blame.)

If you are at all interested in boxing, I highly recommend giving the whole album a look through. It gives you a feel for just how intense and amazing the night was.



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