I am so psyched about Lovecraft Month

Since VampireSquid launched last Hallowe’en, I have been so excited about almost everything we’ve done.

We’ve had some rough patches that I’m sure a lot of different websites go through in the earliest stages. So far, we haven’t seen any trouble that we haven’t been able to work out in one way or another. Honestly, one of our biggest concerns is simply not having the time and resources for all the things that we hope that we’ll one day be able to do on the site.

This month has got me really excited about the site, though.

We hit 600 followers on Facebook and 400 followers on Twitter. Those both feel like pretty big milestones to us, even though they are miniscule in a broad context.

We’ve been doing monthly themes for original content on the site, which is something that I think we’re really going to have a lot of fun with. Last month was devil month and I had a bit of fun with it.

This month is Lovecraft month. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do with this theme. I like Lovecraft’s stories and I like a lot of the movies, books, games that have been inspired by them. But I don’t consider myself an authority on it.

But I’ve really enjoyed researching the man and his life and his work in my spare time recently and I’m getting really enthusiastic about the content we’re putting together.

I’ve already spoken to some incredible people who have created Lovecraft-inspired books and art and games. I’ve learned a lot about H. P. Lovecraft himself and, if I’m honest, learning about his life has given me a huge insight into his work. I even did a piece about it. That one got a little bit dark (he had a horrible childhood and he was an awful racist as an adult), but there is a lighter side to Cthulhu in the modern day that I am a little bit in love with.

I was even lucky enough to speak to a wonderful webste that offered us a discount to our readers for the whole month. It really gives me hope for the site.

We’re still a baby as far as websites go. But I’m really enjoying the work we do. I’m really excited about the kind of content we’re making. I genuinely believe that we’re filling a niche in the horror/sci fi/fantasy sphere.

This little site of ours probably isn’t going to be paying anyone’s rent for quite some time. But it’s a lot of fun to create for, and it’s really rewarding seeing people respond to the content we put out.

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