Immortal Redneck has finally got me into first person shooters

I have given Immortal Redneck pretty high praise in the reviews I’ve written for it. I genuinely think I deserve it.

The art style is cute and funny, the gameplay is a lot of fun (arguably an important aspect of a video game) and the game as a whole has a great of humour. I did really enjoy playing it. I even really like roguelikes as a genre.

The only thing that didn’t immediately grab me was that it was a first person shooter. Which is not a fault in the game at all, but is entirely on me. But with everything else about it looking so cool, I figured I could put up with it.

I haven’t had much opportunity to get good at first person shooters. Shooting games aren’t my first choice of entertainment anyway and I haven’t owned very many. I’ve pretty much only ever had handheld Nintendo consoles and a PC to game on, so the bigger first person console games have largely passed me by.

The Nintendo Switch is the first console I’ve owned with two analog sticks.

I’ve played first person shooers with friends on their consoles, but I’ve sucked at them. And I generally give up pretty quickly. Whenever possible, I’ll switch to a third person view. If it’s not possible, I usually fail miserably and then give up before I embarrass myself too much.

And Immortal Redneck wasn’t all that different. I did suck at it for a long time when I first started playing it. But I stuck with it. I enjoyed playing it so much.

And I loved the way that you take all the gold you collect each run through with you to the afterlife (next level) and can use it to buy power ups. It gave me the confidence that this time might go better because I’ve bought a slightly higher critical hit stat. Also it was a creative way to incorporate Egyptian mythology into the game.

After my first few appalling attempts, I got the hang of the game. And while I’m still probably ranked among the poorer first person players, I’ve had some very decent runs. I still haven’t cleared the apex, a good couple of weeks after getting the game, but I’m still going at it and I’m loving it.


Read my full review of Immortal Redneck on Pure Nintendo here.


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