My name is Kirstie Summers. Some of my friends call me Kurt, others call me Iggy. I’m open to new suggestions.Me

I was born and raised in Luton and, for the longest time, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t granted city status after applying so many times. It had a bowling alley and an arcade and a cinema and a theatre above the library and so many all-you-can-eat restaurants. I move to London when I was 18 for university and then I realised why Luton was definitely not a city.

I studied at English Literature and Creative Writing at Roehampton University. My choice of subject really wasn’t a choice at all – I’ve loved both reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I can’t think of a time before I wanted to spent my life dealing with literature.

I loved everything about uni. I loved having almost all my friends living a short walk away. I loved being able to take my bike around Richmond Park whenever the weather permitted. I loved reading and writing all the time and being a part of an academic community that supported each other in doing it. I loved being a part of the university trampolining team and competing all over the country.

Me in Cambridge winning my gold medal with my teammate Thao for our novice sync routine.

I started a group that created short films with some other students. We made a handful of little films, most of them more like sketches but some with a little more depth, and won an award at the end of my third year. It’s been difficult getting everyone together since graduation, but we’re trying to continue with it when we can.

I started freelancing when I was still a university, putting together little articles for a friend of a friend who ran a website. I’ve been consistently earning money writing ever since in all kinds of genres.

For a long time, I wrote Zen-centred self-help blogs. I spent almost two years compiling South London’s most comprehensive directory of businesses. I’ve written consistent pop culture news and features for a handful of different sites and online magazines. I’ve done a fair amount of editing and proofreading work, managing content for websites and proofreading fiction. I try to spend some of my free time helping with charitable causes I think are important. As such I contribute to the FiLiA blog and I’ve undertaken sponsored sports, like my boxing match in aid of domestic violence charity Refuge.


I cycle everywhere and, with every bike or bicycle part that gets stolen, I get increasingly passionate about how cyclists are treated. I still love reading and, even when I can’t afford the latest releases, constantly treat myself to stacks upon stacks of books from charity shops. I also play guitar and ukulele, not particularly well but well enough that I can entertain myself.

I enjoy over-analysing pop culture, perhaps a bit too much. Sometimes I think it’s because I’ve fallen into that section of YouTube, but I did have a notebook dedicated purely to Harry Potter theories when I was a kid so probably not. I may end up using the blog section of this site as an outlet for my Steven Universe fan theories. Or Binding of Isaac. Or anything else. Or not at all.

I try to make the most of living in a city like London, with all its culture and diversity. I like how much there is to do for free, from the hugely museums to fringe theatre and comedy shows in the back rooms of pubs. On the rare occasion there isn’t anything to do, I like just wandering through the streets and soaking up the city. I’ll never get tired of looking at London’s architecture.

Probably more than anything, my favourite thing to do is to spoil my brilliant little goddaughter.

me and beca and baby